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Shall I reveal a little of myself?

I find it tantalizing to have an outlet for my boundless love and deepest desires, whether that be in wellness, art, or romance. This grew from a lifelong love of visual art, music, literature, and nature, and a passionate fascination to chase where the inspiration for these is found. And as a former student of the arts, I hunger for moments to indulge in aesthetic pleasure, and my creativity and intuition allow me to keep discovering and creating that beauty at every corner I turn. 

Most of my childhood was spent in Southern California. I left behind sunny beaches and warm, languid afternoons in search of a fuller, more cosmopolitan culture. I found this in the enveloping bustle of New York City. Long walks through the buzzing streets of Manhattan, notebook in tow as I seek refuge in a snug cafe or hidden gallery has tendered my heart to this city. 

My brown eyes may seem impenetrably mysterious at first, yet a natural magnetism draws you in. Here you’ll lose track of all your worries. Those who’ve held me close describe me as caring, warm, and bright, both in my intellect and energy. I’m a bonafide adventurer, always thrilled for the opportunity to escape to a chalet off the beaten path or plunge naked into a coursing river. My active lifestyle feeds my commitment to a daily mind/body connection. The high of a long run or sunrise yoga brings out the calming tunes of my soul, enriching my creativity and activating my passion. I can promise that you’ll never be bored in my vivacious presence. My style and spirit are as wide-ranging as my interests. I’m just as comfortable dressing up, turning heads in a crowded gala, as I am wearing nothing but your favorite t-shirt while brewing our coffee in the morning.

Suitors that turn my head are refined and established in their tastes; they value genuine connection and chivalry as much as I do. I appreciate the old with the new, modern living with a return to the authentic, when times were simpler. A rendezvous with me is a unique opportunity for two souls to entwine feeling free and secure, transcendent and grounded. 

I appreciate the old with the new, modern living with a return to the authentic.

Time with me is like an evening luxuriating on a vintage velvet couch discussing postmodern art. The people we choose to spend our time and energy with are precious, so let’s make the most of our shared company. Let’s wander through a museum, admiring beautiful works of art or perhaps get lost in conversation over dinner. 

My ability to listen and share in engaging conversation is unparalleled; I offer a comforting invitation to connect, without judgment, as deeply as you desire. I’d love to get to know your inner world and listen with compassion and open arms.   

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