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Like you, I delight in chasing the spark of a new connection —

the breathless anticipation of a digital love letter from a new admirer, the flutter of my heart when you cross my mind in the days leading up to our tryst, the electricity as our eyes slowly meet for the first time.


Whether these encounters give you butterflies or settle a restless soul, the moment we meet will have us instantly enveloped in each other, as time stretches before us. From a quick escape over lunch to a week jet-setting together, time means little when replaced with my comforting and fiery embrace. We share a yearning for the pleasure of immersing ourselves in new experiences. I’ll be daydreaming of you until our rendezvous.

I imagine you’re here because we have more than a few things in common. What was it that caught your attention? 

I love the clandestine closeness of new lovers: from the notes we send one another, to the lingering sparks of our touches. With the whole world at our fingertips, it can be hard to slow down and breathe. In our time together, we’ll allow our breathing to set the pace for time to slow and the rest of the world will slip away as we melt into each other. We'll leave the stress, pressure, and puritanical standards at the door — this is our time. 

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