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Let's treat our time together like art: a unique opportunity to find a fresh perspective in something beautiful.

Fleeting Moments

Whether we are already familiar or just getting to know each other, slip out of the office and into my arms

1 hour

1.5 hours

2 hours

3 hours









Let's Make A Soirée Of It

These are the days we remember. Let's allow the build up of an encounter to lead us to romance 

4 hours

6 hours

8 hours 







Sleepover Dates

After a whirlwind of an evening, let's fall asleep in each other's arms and wake up with sunlight bathing our silhouettes

14 hours

24 hours

48 hours 

72 hours


A Day Away







*Extended dates beyond 24 hours are available for established suitors.

To make our rendezvous smooth and effortless, please note the following considerations...

Time & Place

For NYC dates, my conveniently-located Lower Manhattan apartment is available, or we can escape to a hotel.

Dates 3 hours and longer will include social time such as dinner, drinks, or an art gallery.

Dates up to 2 hours away from NYC will be 4 hours minimum. (This does not apply when I am on tour in your city.)

If I am available, I can happily extend our date once it’s begun. In-date extensions are an additional 800 per hour.

I visit other cities every 1-2 months. Sign up for my newsletter below for exclusive access to my tour calendar and travel updates.


If it is our first time meeting, I recommend our date be 1.5 hours or more so that we may get comfortable together.

In consideration of my beauty sleep and wellness routine, I plan dates to end by 11pm.

+ 500 after 11pm

(or let's have a sleepover!)

Life happens, and cancelations sometimes come up; when they do, please provide 48 hours' cancelation notice. For cancelations under 48 hours, 50% of the booking donation will be collected.

Same-day and next-day bookings are usually not possible with my schedule. Please send requests at least 3 days' prior to the date you'd like to meet. You can always screen in advance and reach out when you have availability. If my schedule is open and you are pre-screened, I will love to meet you!


Consideration is for my time and companionship only. 



Upon our greeting, please quietly place the consideration in plain view, in a book or unsealed and unmarked card or envelope. If we are meeting in public, the envelope should be offered inside a book or gift bag to ensure discretion.


Meeting couples is one of my favorite ways to spend an evening. We will want to take our time getting acquainted, so consider that when determining the length of our date.

+ 500 & 2 hour minimum

If you'd like our date to be a duo, I have lovely friends I'd be thrilled to introduce you to. Rates are set to the companion with the higher donation.

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